Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Just knot it

Almost together with our Tulip dress, another beautiful Belgian dress pattern was released. Riet is a sewing friend of mine and every pattern she designs is just spot on. So is Just Knot It, her newest dress!

Just Knot It

Eyecatcher is the back. No zippers or button plackets, the dress closes with a little 'knot'.
Just Knot It

And yes, I did add a button placket. Autumn is approaching and I wanted the dress to be worn on cooler days as well. The button placket is an extra option that comes with the pattern.

Just Knot It

Second eyecatcher are the side seams. They don't close like 'normal' dresses do (although Riet offers the option of closed side seams too) but overlap under the armpits.

Just Knot It
Just Knot It

Third eyecatcher (oh yes! This pattern is so amazing and unique!) is the pleated front. Again, the pattern offers a plain and simple option too, but I'm so in love with the details that I wanted to add them all!

Just Knot It

Since there are so many pattern pieces, the dress almost asks for color blocking. So that's what I did! I used 6 different fabrics: Kona cotton in  Canary, Woodrose, Bahama Blue, Lime and Papaya (bought at Bambiblauw), combined with Robert Kaufmans Geo Pop Sorbet.

Just Knot It

The result is a dress that suits my little friend Loes perfectly. The lively colors are beautiful against her toned skin and at the same time they fit her character. She is playful, mischievous and always happy, just like her dress!

Just Knot It

Loes and I, we both love Just Knot It

Friday, August 12, 2016

Tulip blog tour - day 5

This is already the last day of the Tulip blog tour! Time flies when you're having fun!

Our first contributor of the day is Griet from the Emma&Mona-blog (previous Project Run&Play-winner and author of two sewing books). She sewed this super cool dress in size 116!

Annelies (Liezewiezewoes)  thought she wouldn't have time to participate, but she even managed to sew two! A top in size 122 and a dress in size 110 voor kleine Nena. To see both, hop over to her blog ;-) 

Aukje doesn't have a blog, but she's guestblogging at Katrien's today. Don't you think her daughter looks like a little gnome wearing her top in size 98 ?

Last but not least, Laurence (Blanche) is showing you her dress in size 98 here!

This means we've come to the end of the testers tour. Tomorrow, Katrien and I will be showing some of the pretest versions!

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Tulip blog tour - day 3

Day 3 of the Tulip blog tour and yet again I'm lucky to show you some beautiful creations by very talented ladies!

Sylvia (Lily & Woody) made this watermelon-Tulip-top in size 98 (3yo) for her daughter Lila.

Davina (Woohoo by Davina) made her daughter Sam a princess dress in size 104 (4yo), to be seen  here !

Brit works for Bambiblauw, one of Belgium's greatest online fabric shops. They even make their own fabric collections! She made her daughter this cute little dress in size 86 (18 months) in one of their self designed fabrics. More pictures on the Bambiblauwblog!

Tomorrow, I will present a very special guest blogger!


Monday, August 08, 2016

Tulip blogtour - day 1

Today is day 1 of the Tulip blogtour, in which our great testers will present their dresses and tops to you!

Isabelle (Bel'Etoile) is a dream tester: she didn't just sew one, no, she already sewed three dresses in size 128 for her daughter! Her blog post is here.

Lies (Liesellove) sewed a dress in size 98 for her daughter Axelle, to be admired here!

Marleen (Petrol & Mint) sewed this happy top in size 116 for her daughter Femke!

Elki doesn't have a blog, but she's guestblogging at Katrien's today. She had never sewn a dress before, but her Tulip in size 92 is just perfect!

Make sure to visit all the testers' blogs to admire their beautiful Tulips!

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Pattern launch: the Tulip Dress and Top

Today is a very special day for us: we're finally launching our Tulip Dress/Top pattern!

For those who haven't been reading along the past weeks, a little recapitulation! Tulip is a pdf sewing pattern for girls between 1 and 10 years old (sizes 80 - 140). The tulip petals and the gathered skirt add a special touch to this garment. It invites you to play with different fabrics/colors and with piping. You can choose between a dress and a top version, and between a closure with buttons or a blind zipper. 
The detailed instructions come with clear pictures so even beginners can make their own Tulip. More experienced seamstresses find a summary of the instructions so they don't have to read through all the steps.

The day of the photoshoot it was raining cats and dogs, but our little models made the sun shine!
1DSC_0254 (1)
1DSC_0160 (2)1DSC_0238

Babette is wearing the dress in the smallest size, size 80 (or 1yo). It closes with kamsnaps in the back. We chose for the Yucca Cenote voile by Cloud9, bought at Aster&Emma.


Eloise is showing the dress in size 104 (4yo), in the same fabric but a different color of piping. 

1DSC_0536 (1)
1DSC_0119 (2)

Hanne is wearing the top in size 110 (5yo) in Lotte Martens’ Aspius fabric (a leftover from Livs communion dress).

Loes got a dress in size 128 (8yo), the tulip petals in yellow cotton fabric and the gathered skirt in the same cotton fabric with a layer of lace fabric over it. By leaving the piping out, the dress is an extra fast sew!

Liv wears the top in size 134 (9yo). The gathered skirt is made in the Yucca voile, the tulip petals are plain yellow and pink cotton with a leftover of the lace fabric over it. We used the same yellow and pink fabrics for the back. Playing with colors and fabrics makes your Tulip extra special! 
Tulip - rits

I made hundreds of pictures and choosing the best out of them was a very tough job. I ended with a selection of 70 pictures. You can see them all in this slideshow!

The pdf pattern and its instructions are for sale FROM NOW ON for 7 euros in the Kaatjenaaisels-shop! We are working on an English translation, release date planned for October!

Tulips features are:
  • 12 sizes: 80 to 140 (1yo to 10yo)
  •  top or dress
  • blind zipper or button closure 
  • pdf-pattern, seam allowance included
  • option to only print the size you need
  • tested by 16 beginner to experienced seamstresses
  • instructions with clear pictures
1DSC_0194 (1)

Sixteen lovely seamstresses tested the pattern for us and helped us to optimize the instructions. The coming days they will show you their beautiful Tulips in the Tulip blogtour!

10/8⎮ Lily&Woody ▲ Woohoo by Davina ▲ Bambiblauw
12/8Khadetjes ▲ gastblogger Aukje ▲ Blanche ▲ Emma & Mona  

If you'd like to purchase the pattern, the voucher code HAPPYTULIP (in capital letters, valid until 14/8) gives  you 10% off in the shop

Friday, August 05, 2016

We proudly present: the Tulip Dress/Top pattern!

As you might have noticed, Katrien and I have been working very hard lately on a secret project. Today I'm finally able to reveal the secret: we are bringing out our first sewing pattern! Although we tried to keep everything secret, Jenya had already guessed it's name :) I proudly present you: the Tulip Dress/Top!

The Tulip Dess/Top is a pdf sewing pattern designed by Kaatjenaaisels and With Love – by Eva. Its most special feature is the bodice that consists out of two tulip petals overlapping each other, under which a gathered skirt appears. The pattern comes in sizes 80 - 140 (1 - 10yo). 


You can choose between a top and a dress version, and between a closure with buttons/kamsnaps and a blind zipper closure.

The dress is designed for lightweight woven fabrics like voile, satin or crepe. Perfect for hot summer days, but with a long sleeve and tights also great winter wear!

Tulip - rits
Tulip - knoopjes

The Tulip Dress/Top pattern wil be launched on Sunday August 7 at 5am (UTC+1) and will be for sale in the Kaatjenaaisels pattern shop. For 7 euros you get a pdf-pattern and detailed instructions with clear pictures. For now, the pattern and the instructions are only available in Dutch, but we are planning on an English version in Fall.
1DSC_0254 (1)
We had a very pleasant photoshoot with five cute little models (and me as a photographer!). Loes, Liv, Hanne, Eloise and Babette, you were great!
1DSC_0149 (1)
1DSC_0371 (1)
Katrien, you are even greater. I'm so glad I could share every little trouble and all of the work with you during these three months. We were a great team and I'm already very proud of what we realised. I hope, dear reader, that you're just as enthusiastic as we are!
2DSC_0285 (1)
Write it down in your agenda: SUNDAY = TULIP LAUNCH ! See you in the shop!

The pattern can be bought for the price of 7 euros (7,76 USD), no matter in what country you live. I'm sure experienced seamstresses will be able to sew the dress by looking at the pictures, but the English version is on it's way! Just a little more patience :) 
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